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Description of MICHELIN Navigation

MICHELIN Navigation is a free, non-subscription application that includes GPS and a community alert option, as well as real-time traffic information.

Take advantage of real-time traffic information to plan your trips

– Locate free-moving and congested routes through green-orange-red colour coded maps, as well as road closures and all traffic information.

– Choose a route to avoid time-wasting traffic jams!

With MICHELIN Navigation, stay calm and safe with a GPS navigation system offering simplified ergonomics:

– All Michelin route options: Michelin recommended, shortest, discovery route…as well as journey costs with toll fees included

– Schematic and uncluttered presentation of directions

– Simple and non-intrusive voice guidance

– Hazard areas and real-time traffic incidents (traffic jams, roadworks, slow moving traffic, information on traffic conditions and flow on roads, motorways and ring roads, including closures…)

– Speed limits on continuous display with visual speeding alerts

– Free GPS with maximum readability

– Application with low battery Consumption

Stay in the know in real-time, even on familiar routes, with the community alert option

The Alert mode is a location tracking system enhanced to receive alerts while you focus on your driving:

– Uncluttered presentation

– Over 30,000 speed cameras in Europe

– Speed limits continuously displayed

– Visual alerts when speed limits are exceeded

Take advantage of alerts shared by other drivers to avoid any surprises!

– And you, too, can share traffic and incident updates on your route: hazard zones, speed cameras, traffic jams, road works, accidents

Together, the road becomes safer.

Let’s take the best route together…

Note: traffic information available for Europe and England (traffic for London, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, Northampton...)

MICHELIN Mobility Apps

Take the smart road with the MICHELIN App Collection

Discover a package of free interconnected applications that enable you to better monitor and manage your journeys:

-Maintain your tyres and your vehicle:

oMICHELIN MyCar (tips on checking and maintaining your vehicule) 
-Drive more safely:

oMICHELIN Navigation (guidance and traffic information in real-time)
oViaMichelin (mapping and route planning)

-Make the most of your mobility: 

oMICHELIN Hotels (real-time booking)

oMICHELIN Restaurants (restaurant search and booking) 

oMICHELIN Travel (the wealth of tourist information from the Green Guide)

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